Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Lots of Viking Knit to Share

This week I have been super productive and feel REALLY good about my new business!! 

I want to share this journey with you for a few reasons.  For one, maybe you are a Craftpreneur and need inspiration or encouragement to ramp up your own business.  Or, you may be someone that has known me awhile, and seen my ups and downs, and are curious as to how this journey goes.  Perhaps, you are a fan of Viking Knit jewelry, and want to learn more about how to make it AND sell it.  Whatever brought you here, THANK YOU.

Highlights of this week in Bracelets By Joy world (LOL):

  • Finished half a dozen pieces that have been lingering for a couple weeks
  • Created new bracelets using memory wire
  • Created new earrings
  • Bought my own domain
  • Learning the ropes of Pinterest
  • SOLD the new earrings mentioned above!
  • New fans to my Facebook page
  • Advertising with Crafty Moms'R'Us on Facebook
  • Took a leap and set up an ad campaign on Etsy
  • Bought a tackle box for all my wires, beads and tools
  • First draft on Vistaprint for business cards
  • Created a log to track inventory, earnings and expenses
WOW... that was a LOT and it is only Wednesday!  Well, when I say this past week, I mean 7 days or so.  Not Mon-Wed of this week.

And, once again, I am almost out of wire!  Oh NO!!!  ;)

I also have done some research with a variety of sites trying to find the best prices on wire, beads and gift boxes.  I kind of forget about the packaging for shipping.  I did find good deals at on wire and some beads and for other beads and gift boxes at just in case you are looking around too.

So, I think that is it for the journey thus far.  I am excited to see what the next 7 days brings!


Joy Marino


  1. Hi,
    Thank you for writing and sharing your experience and how you are doing in your work. I appreciate reading and get tips. I try myself to do viking knit, but have not come as far as you ...;) I need to practice and practice ... and, I know;)).. it takes a lot of wire ..
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Yvonne! Thanks for your comment. If I can ever shed some light on Viking Knit I'd be happy to help! Just take your time, be patient and have fun with it. I'd also recommend 24 or 26 gauge, as it is thin and pretty flexible to work with, and use arms' length pieces until you get comfortable. Also, remember it doesn't have to be perfect...pulling through the drawplate really brings it together nicely and smoothes out the "flaws." Keep at it! I look forward to seeing YOUR pieces soon! Blessings, Joy

  2. How you manage to overpass that moments when it seems that all things go wrong and you feel like you are doing something absolutely unnecessary? I'm feeling this way and do not feel the inspiration to go further with my jewelry business?
    myroona@buy necklaces

    1. Hi Myllya! Thank you for your comment. Sometimes, in life (and in business) we have to take a "time out" and step away from everything. Take a step back and think about your "WHY". Why did you start on this journey? What inspired you to go in this direction? What excited you and what goals did you start out with? Too often, we get caught up in the "doing" of something that we forget the reasons why we started in the first place. I always recommend getting in to a place of gratitude to help guide a person forward. Your business may not be where you want right now, but what can you be grateful for in this moment? What good things have happened so far, no matter how small? And, from there how can you move forward? I don't know your specific situation, but sometimes when you are reflecting on all of this, it is a good time to do an inventory; write down all that you are blessed to be able to do, all that you want to accomplish and then find the golden thread that connects the one list to the other. I know this is very vague, but I do not stand in your shoes, so I want to give you the suggestions that I most often give to others, even though they may all have different situations. Feel free to connect with me as often as you need. I would love to hear about your business and how you move forward from this point. Blessings, Joy (