Thursday, August 16, 2012

Viking Knit Necklace

I finally took the time and made my very first Viking Knit Necklace!  The piece came out beautifully and even though it's just as if working with a really long bracelet, it does take more time and material.  Plus, I ended it with long filligree end caps that were befitting a necklace.

Here is the final product:

Viking Knit Necklace

Viking Knit Necklace

Viking Knit Necklace

I am please to announce this piece is SOLD (within 12 hours of posting it online!)

But, don't worry, if you would like your own, you can order a CUSTOM MADE Viking Knit Necklace with the colors you want and the length you prefer.  The above necklace is about 18" in total length.

To order your very own, please go to my FACEBOOK fan page and send me a message.  I haven't even had a chance to get my full website and email going, so this would be the quickest for the time being.  My facebook page is and then click on the "MESSAGE" tab.

I would love your feedback, comments and suggestions for future pieces, just leave a comment below!

Keep It Crafty!

Joy Marino

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