Monday, August 13, 2012

Welcome to Bracelets By Joy

Welcome to Bracelets By Joy, where we feature Viking Knit Jewelry. 

Viking Knit is also known as "trichonopoly".  I did an extensive search online to find the origins, but overall I didn't get much more information than it having its origins in the Viking-era of the 8th to 10th century and that pieces have been found in burial sites of well-known Vikings.

One artist on Etsy says this:  "Viking Knitting is a wire-weaving technique that dates back to the 8th Century. Artifacts of these woven chains have been recovered from a variety of archeological sites in Denmark, Norway, and Ireland. Although we don't know exactly how the weaving process was done in historical times, it was probably little different from how it is done today: weave a tube by using a long strand of wire to make loops around the base of other loops, using a form of some kind to hold with woven tube while you work."

So, basically, we are going to just go with that.  Essentially it is a method of wire knitting that once pulled through a draw plate (piece of wood or plastic with holes) the knitting shifts, coming close together and creating a knitted look.

A picture of one BEFORE going through the drawplate:

viking knit bracelet

Now, this one is twisted because as I went along adding beads, my hands twisted the wire, row by row.  That was not intentional, but it looked pretty cool anyway.

This is the same bracelet after pulling it through my drawplate:

viking knit bracelet

There are three common styles of knitting, single, double and triple knit.  The above example is single, as it seems easier to thread beads onto the wire with this style.

This is an example of a double knit.  The loops becomes tighter and looks more like "knit".

this is blurry...will replace with another photo-DOUBLE KNIT

A small example of the TRIPLE Knit


So, as you can see there are a few different styles to work with.  And, because you can use 30+ colors of wires, in a few different sizes, add beads, charms, etc. this is very FUN to do! 

Now, wire working is NOT for everyone.  You need to have patience, first and foremost.  You also need the right tools.  But, above all else you need relatively strong hands, good vision and access to fair lighting. 

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Thank you for taking the  time to check out my site.  There is SO much MORE to come!

Keep it Crafty!

Joy Marino

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