Sunday, September 23, 2012

Congratulations on Your First Sale!

Congratulations on Your First Sale!

What an exciting email to get.  Finally!  Oh I was beginning to think it would never happen...LOL

I was cleaning the garage all afternoon and didn't bother with the computer.  Once I start out!  I had finished a bracelet earlier in the day and was feeling a little "blue."  It was the last pieces of wire I had on hand.  I thought to myself, "If I don't sell something soon, I won't have the money to get more supplies."  Yep, feeling pretty blue at that point.  So, I went and cleaned!

Anyway, I kept myself quite busy, because as you can imagine, cleaning a garage for a household of 10 people is NO small feat!  And, I swear every child has an estimated 2 bikes or 1 bike and 1 scooter.  They take up so much room it is crazy.

I finished in a few hours feeling proud of my efforts.  I needed to sit for a few minutes, so I logged on and checked my email to get this message from Etsy:

"Congratulations on Your First Sale!"
and this cute little graphic...

I could barely believe my eyes.  I wanted to scream and jump up and down!!  I mean I have sold 4 items already, 2 to a friend, 1 to my aunt and 1 to my step-daughter.  But, this was different...I didn't know this person.

I want to encourage you today...if you feel blue about the way things are going... clean your garage.  LOL  No, just kidding. But, do find something to take your mind off of what troubles you and put your energy towards something rewarding.

It may not result in a sale right away...but you will sure feel better once you have tackled something and seen great results.

The bonus... is that by releasing the CLUTTER you make room for the BLESSING!

Keep it Crafty!


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  1. Congratulations Joy!
    I understand that both things feel good, both having sold a piece of jewelry AND have cleaned the garage!
    I wish you Good luck in the future too!