Thursday, September 6, 2012

Grace and Beauty-My Boutique

I have been making Viking Knit bracelets for over a month now and I absolutely love it!  I love to be creative and love to make new things  My husband sent me a link last night to become a vendor with a site.  But, being half out of it this morning, I read the email and opened a boutique instead.  LOL

Once I realized my mistake, it was  too late.  I was enthused about being able to offer other people's jewelry for sale, not just my own.  So, in addition to my Etsy store, I also have an online boutique where you can shop for a wide variety of jewelry from designers, many discounted up to 60%.  And, the fun part is that I got to hand-pick the items I wanted to offer in my 'shop'.

So, while I will continue to make bracelets almost daily, I want to encourage you to also checkc out my boutique.

Here is my latest bracelet, which you can find in my shop on Etsy:

Black and Orange Viking Knit Bangle

And now, you can head over to my online boutique, Grace and Beauty, by clicking HERE.

The holiday season will be fast upon us, and I give some tips about how to not get caught up in the same old holiday spending trap in this BLOG POST.

Blessings and Happy Shopping!

Joy Marino

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