Friday, September 21, 2012

How to Viking Knit Tips Part 3: Finishing

 How to Viking Knit Tips Part 3: Finishing the Knitting

This is the third installment in my How to Viking Knit TIPS series.  In case you missed them, here is PART ONE and PART TWO for you to catch up on.  Again, as I have said, this is more about TIPS or RESOURCES than the basic Viking Knit tutorials.  There are plenty of those online already.

Viking Knit How To
First I want you to see the difference between your 'starter bundle' and your actual piece.  The picture above shows you where they are linked together.  The arrows indicate where you will CUT the piece aways from the starter bundle.

Tip #1  Clip the lowest level of each starter bundle loop.  This will allow you to reuse the bundle and will not compromise your actual working piece.

Tip #2 Use a pair of pliers that have a sharp point.  I use my husband's "real" wire cutters which has a flat side, but also has very sharp tips.  This allows me to carefully select the loops I want to cut.  Simply cut a piece of each loop and then you will begin to see them 'break apart'.

Viking Knit Tutorial

Tip # 3  You will have pieces of the starter bundle loops fall off, and if any move very freely, they should come off, but you may need to help them along with pliers.

Viking Knit Tutorial

Once you've removed the starter bundle, your working piece should have ALL but one loop.  In this case, I had 4 petals, so after removing from the bundle, I have 3 loops and one piece sticking up.

Tip #4  Hide the ends!  Simply take your pliers and curl the one 'end' inward.  This enables it to be hidden inside of the piece when you pull through the draw plate.  It also leaves a small 4th loop, which you will need for the next step.

Viking Knit Tutorial

Tip #5 Reuse!  I reuse my starter bundle for  my next piece...

Viking Knit Tutorial

...and scrap 20 gauge wire segments for pulling my piece through the drawplate.

Tip #6 Line up your loops.  Using your pliers, simply push or twist each of the 3 strong loops until they are almost lined up.  Carefully align the 4th loop you created earlier with the other 3. They don't have to go in any particular order, you simply need them to all feed on to the above scrap wire.  Then give the wire a coupleof twists.

You are now ready to pull through the drawplate!

Tip #7 You need something strong: use Vice Grips.  I slowly feed my piece (scrap wire first) through one side of my drawplate.  When the scrap piece comes through, if it is snug, I clamp my vice grips on the wire and then pull slowly through the draw plate.  If you need to, you can use an extra person, vice or some other means to keep the plate itself from moving while you pull on the wire.

SIDE NOTE:  Since I use a home-made wooden drawplate, I ALWAYS go through the same side.  Meaning, what you see here, with the numbers in markers, is always my 'entry point'.  Wire tends to mark up the wood after awhile, so I do not want to go from the back to front, for fear of causing splinters or marks on my piece.

You don't have to make your own drawplate, you can just order them on Amazon!  Just click the photo below to see great prices and selection!

Next, uncoil the scrap piece of wire and put that in your craft box for next time.  Now you are ready for finishing your piece.   There a few ways to do this, and again, you can easily find that information online, as I did. 

IF you would like ME to make up a tutorial or post about it, then simply comment below, so I know. :)

I hope you enjoyed How to Viking Knit Tips Part 3: Finishing and I look forward to your comments and suggestions.   My book is available on Kindle here:


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    This is very good info! I like to read about Viking knit. I also like to see the pictures too, they are very good! I enjoy all the tips and ideas you have, waiting for more...;)

  2. Thank you very much for taking your time for making such a cleeeeaar tutorial series!..

  3. Thank you very much for taking your time for making such a cleeeeaar tutorial series!..