Thursday, September 20, 2012

Viking Knit on Squidoo

Viking Knit on Squidoo

First, here's a photo of a 3-strand Viking Knit piece that I made.  Using some 'scrap' wire, I tried out this style.  Since it was way too short for a bracelet, it is now an awesome key chain on my husband's keyring.

Viking Knitting

Moving along...

I started revamping many of my old Squidoo lenses this week and decided to create a NEW lens!  I love to share what I learn, what I do and where I find resources.  I am using my Squidoo lens as another way to share Viking Knit, specifically what I do, with others; others who may not know where my blog is located.

If you'd like to visit my lens and give me some SquidLove, I'd be very grateful.  Just click on this link:  Viking Knit Bracelets 

So, I plan to share many of the things that I talk about here.  I've already talked about my Etsy shop, types of styles that I've tried so far and recommended resources for Viking Knit Tutorials and Craft Supplies.  I may even create some of my own videos and pop them on YouTube and share them here and on Squidoo.

Oh and of course, I share my blog there, hoping to have more people stop by here too!

Anyway, if you are on Squidoo as well, pop on by and show some LOVE. I will return the kindness.  And, I greatly appreciate the 'shares', 'likes', 'pins' and +1's that you've already given me.  I really want to see this business take off and your love & support helps me in my endeavor. 

Now, the challenge is to get more sales!  But, isn't that every businesses' challenge?  :)

Thanks so much for your love and support.  Don't forget there is still time to enter my Viking Knit Bracelet Giveaway just check out the details on this POST.

Keep it Crafty!


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