Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Bracelets and More

If you've been following my blog posts, then you probably already know that I have ventured into new territory.  Loom bracelets, Angel earrings and more Viking Knit...

Besides the silicone bands, I also forgot to mention that I made a thick Viking Knit bracelet a couple weeks back.  It is a Trio...dark blue, black and silver.  This was new for me because I was trying out thicker wire than I am used to, plus they were different gauges AND to top it off, I didn't use my normal end-caps, but rather cement and cord findings.  But, I typically do women's bracelets and jewelry, and wanted to see if I could expand my inventory.

What do you think of this "manly" Trio?

I am not convinced I want to do another.  I used 22 and 20 gauge wire, the latter was very difficult for me to work with.  And, I was not happy waiting for the cement to dry.  I felt as if the whole thing would fall apart.  LOL  However, I wanted to do it, so I tried it.  Overall, I love the way it came out. Just didn't love the experience of making it.

As mentioned in previous posts, I also have crafted some Angel earrings.  Right now I have blue and crystal (clear) available for $5 on Fiverr.  I am not offering them on any other site.  So, listing them on Fiverr and making these earrings, both are new experiences for me.

And here are some of my loom bracelets.  I need ideas for a "brand name" so if you think of anything, please comments below.  ;-)

bridge loom bracelet

I also have a couple more styles that are not pictured here simply because I need a better camera  :-)  There are the Blossom, Butterfly and Ladder styles

Pics and more styles to come!

What my goal is with trying new things, is to find the areas that work best for me, both creatively and financially.  Use my skills and creativity to craft items that other people WANT and LOVE.  And, to be able to make a living doing something I love...but still spend time with my family as much as possible.  So, if you see me floating here and there, it's only until I find the right "fit" for me.  But, this blog will always be here so that I may share my journey and you can come along for the ride.  Maybe find something that it the perfect fit for you, too.  :)

Keep it Crafty!


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