Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Custom Bracelets

New Bracelet Photos!

If you haven't taken a look already, I wanted to share with you the dozens of bracelets I have made using silicone bands.  This is something geared towards younger kids, mostly females, but let me tell you, not all are as simple as you think.  And, when you play around with the colors and styles, these can be for the guys as well!

I know not everyone has the time or patience to learn/create these bracelets.  However, for me, it's almost like therapy.  If you'd like to purchase any, or order custom colors, please check out my Fiverr Gigs by clicking the main link here:  Exclusively on Fiverr  Please be sure to order soon if you want delivery by Christmas!  :)

Bridge Style Loom Bracelet

bridge rainbow loom

Simple Style Loom Bracelet (Buy 2)Fishtail, Double, Triple

simple rainbow loom

Starburst Style Loom Bracelet

starburst rainbow loom

Beaded Style Loom Bracelet (Buy 2) 

beaded rainbow loom

Butterfly Style Loom Bracelet

Butterfly rainbow loom

Ladder Style Loom Bracelet

ladder rainbow loom

More Simple Style Loom Bracelets-Triples
(Buy 2)

single double triple rainbow loom

Zig Zag S Pattern Style Loom Bracelet

zee rainbow loom

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